Encourage A Friend?

There are many good ways to encourage a friend, one great way is to spend time with them!


When encouraging someone, there must be trust, respect!

Encourage a friend when they reach out to you or even when you just see them not being themselves. You know, when they seem down or preoccupied with something on their mind.  Share encouragement with them whenever you have the opportunity. Relate to their struggles by sharing how you dealt with a similar situation you had?


Encourage A Family Member?


Encourage one another daily no matter how you feel...
God says we ought to love and encourage one another, and that is what we ought to do!
You can help someone by just spending time with them!

It is a little different to encourage family since they may have known you your entire life.  Still, encouragement is encouragement no matter who receives it.



Encourage A Stranger?

Encourage a stranger!
Everyone needs encouragement from time to time. Ask God how you can encourage someone?


To help someone does not always mean giving them the answers to their problems.

Sometimes just being there for others is a very big help! It may be the most practical to share a kind word with a stranger. They are everywhere, and you just need to reach out, listen to their story, and point them to Jesus Christ and God’s Word.



Start Encouraging Others?


Start By Determining That You Want To Love God And Love Others In The First Place!


How to start connecting with others?

You might want to connect through your church, Bible study, or through word of mouth and prayer. This website’s purpose is to connect people who have weathered storms in their lives and are now on more solid ground, so they can help others.

We invite those people to encourage those who are struggling.  God has all the answers that we need in His Word, the Bible.

I was encouraged by Pastor Ron and Sue Sauer, and Mark Mallwitz, and I have used their example to motivate you to reach out to others, too. Knowing how important supportive it was for me, I encourage you to inventory your circle of friends, family members to think of who you could reach out to offer encouragement, or any type of support. You will become quickly aware that encouraging others will not only benefit them, but you also will find a blessing from it. (even though that is not the purpose).


Become A Good Encourager:

  1. Pray, pray, pray and keep praying ask God for someone for you to encourage.
  2. Listen to the Holy Spirit to help you determine your first steps.
  3. Talk to someone like your pastor, accountability partner, close friends, to get feed back and suggestions.
  4. Write down on paper or your computer the brain storm ideas that you come up with.
  5. Determine your spiritual gifts, strengths and abilities.
  6. Pray that God would create a community of encouragement in your family, church, workplace, school.
  7. Keep in mind what you would be best equipped at doing, either to talk one on one, or to do deeds of service.
  8. Pray about your progress and be sure that your intentions are noble and your focus is to help others.
  9. Remember that we are saved by grace and works like helping others does not get us to heaven.
  10. Keep your relationship with the Lord strong so you can be a good influence, and help to others.
  11. Pray specifically for God to make you an good encourager.
  12. Make encouragement a daily discipline and habit.
  13. Use Scripture if you’re able with the other person, and be as specific concerning the things you say.
  14. Think of people who has encouraged you who you can repay the favor to?
  15. Search the rest of our site to gather more ideas.


Our Bible Study Encourages One Another!

Encourage someone today in any way you can...
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13 Encourage someone today!

Next Steps…

When God puts someone on your heart to help, first pray about it and then make contact.  Tell them you would be honored to walk with them for a while, as Ron and Sue Sauer and Mark Mallwitz have done in my life.  Be sensitive to someone who may want to talk.  You will be the most successful if you point others to Jesus Christ rather than focusing on their own strength and wisdom.

You will find the success like always if you focus on pointing others to Jesus Christ and His word, rather than on their own strength and wisdom to get them out of their fog.

2 Corinthians 1:4 God the Father, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

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Thank you, Bill Greguska